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As if planning a wedding isn't stressful enough!

If someone told you on the day that you booked your wedding date and venue that there was going to be a global pandemic putting your big day in jeopardy, you probably would have said “okay, weirdo” and walked away not thinking anything of it. But here we are in the spring of 2020 and this unimaginable scenario is becoming reality for many brides and grooms all over the country. 

This is an unprecedented time for the entire world and it’s safe to say that there isn’t one person who hasn’t been affected by COVID-19 in one way or another. Whether yourself or a loved one has caught the virus, having to stay away from elders, parents and grandparents, loss of jobs or wages, and postponed weddings. 

Do you have a wedding coming up this spring or summer? If so, when should you cancel your wedding? 

As of right now in New York State, any gathering, including parties or celebrations of any kind, is illegal. This was put into place in Onondaga County on March 27th and as of right now, ends on April 30th. However, dates are changing frequently and that date could be extended well into the summer, if not longer. Then again, maybe not. The constant change and living in the unknown makes it difficult to decide what to do about your upcoming wedding and wedding-related festivities. Needless to say, all April events will need to be postponed and unfortunately, many May and June events should consider the same. 

Even if bans are lifted, you may want to ensure enough time has passed so that you’re not putting loved ones who are high-risk in harm's way. On the same thought, having a wedding or wedding festivities shortly after the ban has been lifted may make some guests feel uncomfortable and they may choose to not attend out of their own safety. 

If you and your fiance are currently facing the heart wrenching decision to postpone your wedding, we send you our love. To help ease the stress, we’ve compiled a list of tips for you to consider when postponing your wedding. 

Get in touch with your vendors ASAP

First– call your venue. They’ll be able to keep you updated on what they are doing about upcoming weddings and will work to coordinate a new date with you. They understand the gravity of the situation and will likely be very accommodating. Don’t forget– this is just as stressful for your vendors as it is for you. Be kind and keep their stress in mind, and they will return the favor. 

Take some time to mourn

If you mutually decide it is best to postpone your wedding after contacting your vendors, it is okay to feel a multitude of emotions. Take the time you need to mourn what you had your heart set on for so long and don’t feel guilty about it. Don’t feel like you have to answer all of the calls and texts from friends and family members right away. Take a few days to come to terms with your new plan before breaking the news. 

Communicate with Your Guests

Once the decision has been made and a new plan has been put into place, it’s time to contact your wedding guests once you’re ready. However, keep in mind that the sooner you are able to inform your guests, the easier it will be for those with travel accommodations to make adjustments. Consider contacting your guests via multiple channels before assuming one email will do the trick– you may need to follow up with an email or a new save the date. Don't forget to call guests who aren’t as tech savvy over the phone. 

Ask if an “Act of God Clause” applies

Read through your contracts and check for an “act of God” clause– meaning that you will be able to keep your deposits and your vendor will work with you to book a new date due to uncontrollable events like floods, earthquakes, fires, and possibly global pandemics. If your new date creates a conflict with a vendor, the act of God clause may allow you to get your deposits back. 

Find the positives and make the most of it

Though it may feel like things couldn’t get worse, there is always something positive to focus on. Now, you get extra time to save more money and put extra focus on the little details that will make your heart happy. Have faith that your new date will bring a sense of magic and moments of serendipity that you wouldn’t have had on your original date.

Plus, once your wedding is over, it’s over. In a strange way, this allows you a little more time to soak in all the love and excitement of getting married! The best is truly yet to come and this experience will make you appreciate your spouse and wedding day in a way you wouldn’t have been able to without this life changing experience putting the gravity of what's important into perspective.

Lean on your crew

It’s totally normal to feel a rollercoaster of emotions. If you need to take time to yourself to process them, then do it! But don’t be afraid to let your close friends and bridal party in to lift you up (from 6ft away, of course). Though it may be tough to prevent anger and mourning from getting the best of you, don’t push these people away– they love and care about you both and want to make sure you’re okay. You chose them because they are the ones you trust to be by your side in moments of celebration and in the trying moments, too. 

Don’t panic buy your wedding bands online

If you haven’t gotten your wedding bands for your upcoming wedding yet, do not give in to the urge to buy them from an online retailer. Yes, local jewelers are considered a “non-essential business” but we are still here to help during this time! 

Buying online may seem convenient right now, but buyer beware– buying something like an engagement ring or wedding bands online can add unnecessary stress to an already stressful situation. Among many risks, the trouble with buying online is that you can’t guarantee you’re getting what you paid for. Buying online also takes out the personalization and human aspect. This is a big purchase that you will want to hold up for a lifetime– make the choice to work with someone local, knowledgeable, and invested in helping you find what you’re dreaming of. 

Additionally, it is extremely important to have the right finger size. Your first thought may be to get a wedding band the same size of your engagement ring, but keep in mind that wedding bands fit differently depending on mm width, comfort fit and metal, especially when it comes to men's rings. Our expertise and ring sizers allow us to measure your size exactly, not a guess.

Yes, our stores may be closed, but we can still help make this happen! Message us on Facebook or Instagram, or click the text bubble in the bottom right corner of our website. We can even remotely design a custom ring that fits perfectly with your engagement ring! 

To the lovely couples waiting to get married: remember that you are still blessed beyond belief despite the circumstances and there is still plenty to be thankful for– including more time to make your wedding day the best day ever! Our hearts are with you and we will get through this together! 

Love, Your HWJ Family

Published on:
April 5, 2020


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