Why does Jewelry make me Happy?

Why Does Jewelry Make Me Happy?

By: Kathleen Marie

Well for one thing, jewelry is beautiful! But really, why are you happy when you buy or wear a piece of jewelry? 

I think there are many reasons. When I am wearing a ring or pendant or earrings, it is a reflection of me and my style.  Am I feeling artistic, classic or trendy?  What is my mood? Serious or fun?  I like representing me by my style of clothes and jewelry.


Jewelry can be a generational gift shared by many family members. It represents family memories and shared experiences. Sometimes when you inherit a piece of jewelry, you can wear ‘as is’, or you visit your local jeweler and change  it.  I wear my mother in law’s engagement ring as she wore it, but my wedding ring no longer works with my ‘new’ engagement ring. Eureka! I made a pendant out of my wedding ring. That makes me happy!

Jewelry is symbolic. Some people believe gold represents wealth and power, and gemstones have mystical energies.  People all over the world believe gemstones can have healing properties, and create  positive energy, and gemstones even can attract love! Think amethyst(healing), Citrine(luck), or aquamarine(courage)!

Other Reasons to Celebrate Jewelry:
  • Well-made jewelry can last forever. Buy quality, and you will have your jewelry item for years!
  • You don’t feel sad looking or admiring a beautiful piece of jewelry.
  • Jewelry is beautiful. Its only purpose is to make you feel good about yourself by wearing something you love.

Visit your local jewelry store. You will be happy you did!