Questions for our Jewelry Goldsmith: Part II
Tara Hard at Work!

Questions For Our Jewelry Goldsmith: Part II

By: Kathleen Marie

Hi Jewelry enthusiasts,
Tara Goodman is our master goldsmith who works at Henry Wilson Jewelers in Syracuse, New York. She is dedicated to her craft, and is very skilled. We are lucky to have  such a talented goldsmith working at our store!
So as promised from my previous blog, here is part two of questions I have asked our master goldsmith, Tara Goodman. 

Hi Tara. Can I wear jewelry everyday?
You can wear jewelry everyday if it is constructed to keep up with everyday wear and tear.  It is not recommended to wear jewelry to sleep in.  Chains can become a safety issue for the wearer.  Keep in mind that opals and emeralds should never go to and from severe temperature changes.  Remove these pieces before doing the dishes, and showering.
In addition,
Delicate jewelry can be something with many moving parts, very fine wire work, and brittle or soft stones.  Many factors go into making a piece of jewelry. Could it be the delicacy of the filigree or the rarity of the stone?  Maybe it’s the age factor?  Could it be passed down from many generations and only to be worn on special occasions?  Some delicate jewelry should not be worn everyday to protect the jewelry.    

 What about custom jewelry? How do I go about designing my own piece? How long does it take?
“Custom jewelry” can have many different components to consider when creating, so there is not a definitive time-line on when they are constructed.  Some can take a day, most take weeks and some can take upwards of years depending on what you are creating.  The more elaborate the piece, the longer it takes to create.  As some custom design calls for specialty cut stones, that can take months as the stone cutter has the most time consuming task.
When a customer is looking to have a custom piece created, we recommend that they call and make an appointment with the designer/goldsmith on site.  Often these appointments can be made and scheduled for the same week.  It gives the goldsmith time to carve out of her schedule to dedicate to a meeting with a client and get a quality, one-on-one, design consultation.
And finally from Tara:

It’s been asked, “What is the favorite part of creating jewelry?”  This is a many faceted (no pun intended) answer.  Is it the initial  interview with a client and learning what the piece might signify to them?  When making a design, many questions get asked.  Why is it being made? Are we incorporating any stones or element from an existing piece? What is the occasion?  Is it in celebration or in memory?  The execution of a design goes through many stages, and to me it’s the entire process.  The absolute favorite part is the emotional response it invokes.  The emotion that is attached to every piece that I get to create is a evolution.  The reward is the reaction.  The joy, the wonder, that is my gratitude.

Thank you Tara for answering my questions and if you the reader have any questions for Tara, please text her at 315 446-6770, or email  at [email protected], or stop in at the store and visit the  HWJ team. We would love to talk to you about  jewelry!smiley