Beyond the Golden Ring
Which ring is mine?

Beyond The Golden Ring

By: Kristine Gold

Congratulations are in order!  A lot of you got engaged in the last few weeks.  More will get engaged in the coming weeks.  How do we know?  Because 40% of engagements happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day each year.  That’s a lot of love in the air!

And after the whirlwind of emotions and joy that one feels when gazing down at someone on one knee, or the anxiety of being the human who is balancing on one knee, there comes a time that can feel overwhelming.  The planning.

We all want a wedding that reflects who we are.  Gone are the days of meeting Betty Etiquette’s expectations of “how it has always been done.”  Flower grandmas, canine bridesmaids and choreographed entrances are all reflections of our individuality today.

The same is true for the important ritual of exchanging wedding rings.  This symbol of our love and dedication to each other remains a mainstay of most weddings today.  However, the options for expressing our individuality have expanded tremendously since our parents selected their gold bands.

Today, there are baseball stitched wedding bands for the guy who once dreamed of playing for their beloved MLB team.  There are rings with actual meteorite for the aviation/space enthusiast.  Beautiful and durable wedding bands in a variety of wood finishes to reflect your dedication to the great outdoors.  These are options that our parents couldn’t have dreamed up if they tried.

That forever wedding ring reflects the promise you are making to the most important person in your life.  It should be as unique as the eyes you are gazing into when you slip it on their finger.

Diamond rings to match your gorgeous new engagement ring, shaped bands to fit snuggly against your special diamond ring, or one of our alternative metal bands to express your personal style….there are so many options today beyond the golden ring!  Have some fun selecting your forever expression of love and commitment.  Try them on.  See what works with your engagement ring.  Say “I do” the way you want to!

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