5 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy an Engagement Ring Online

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy An Engagement Ring Online

By: Racheal Morrow

In our current day and age, it seems like we buy everything online. From groceries to a brand new sofa, we can get literally anything we want delivered to our door within days, and in some instances, within minutes. 

But just because we can order anything we want online doesn’t mean we always should. As tempting as it might be to purchase the “perfect ring” from the internet out of fear you won’t find it anywhere else, purchasing an engagement ring from an online retailer is bound to create stress and headaches at some point. 

How can something seemingly so convenient be so risky? Below, we’ve compiled some important tips to help you start down the road of marital bliss, not engagement ring amiss. 

1. You don’t Truly Know What You’re Getting

Would you buy a wedding dress without trying it on? Or would you book a wedding venue without seeing it in person? In most instances, you likely would not. You shouldn’t with an engagement ring either!

Like a bridal dress or wedding venue, an engagement ring can look and feel completely different when you finally see it in person. Pictures will only tell a small part of the story. Without seeing it first, you won’t get an accurate feel for the size, clarity, or small details. Though an online listing might “say” that the ring is a specific carat or quality, you could easily get ripped off by a low quality or knock off diamond since the entire operation is hidden behind a screen.  

Plus, you miss out in the feeling of excitement and anticipation knowing that you went to a jewelry store to pick out the perfect ring! 

2. You don’t Get Free Ring Cleanings for Life

When buying an engagement ring online, you still have to find a jeweler that will clean,  inspect, or repair your rings every few months or as needed. An engagement ring purchased online would likely have to be shipped back via mail for any maintenance (if they even offer those services). 

Don’t put yourself in the position of potentially losing your ring in the mail. Every Henry Wilson ring comes with free cleanings and inspections for life!

3. You can’t Customize It 

Have a vision in your mind of the perfect ring but can’t quite find it anywhere? Bring in the pictures you have saved and we’ll help you craft a one-of-a-kind ring from scratch within your budget. With our in-house design center, we have the programming and resources to design and build your dream ring, exactly as you want it. 

4. You Miss Out on Supporting Local Businesses During the Pandemic

The past year has been economically tough for so many households and small businesses. When you buy an engagement ring online from a big corporate retailer, you miss out on supporting the locally owned family businesses that have both served and employed your neighbors for generations. 

Keep small business and jobs alive in Syracuse by shopping small!

5. You don’t Get Specialized Customer Care

With an online purchase, you miss out on personalized attention. Online engagement ring retailers likely have corporate customer service centers to serve their large, global client base. When you shop with a local jeweler, you get specialized one on one attention for the entire ring buying process— even long after you’ve said “I do!”

An engagement ring is one of the biggest purchases of a lifetime. Not only is it a financial investment, but the meaning, emotion, and sentiment behind it is huge. Your soon-to-be finance will be wearing this ring on their hand everyday for the rest of their lives. A purchase this important and ever-lasting shouldn’t be done sight unseen. The picture that you see online may not reflect what the ring actually looks like as colors, lighting, and imperfections can be edited or manipulated for photo. If you want to enter this chapter of your life stress-free, start by shopping with your trustworthy local family jeweler!