4 Tips to Survive Spring Daylight Saving

Not only does moving the clock forward an hour disrupt your schedule, but as you know, it can really throw off your internal clock! Below, we’ve compiled some helpful tips to make the transition into spring enjoyable!

Avoid coffee and alcohol

Despite the inevitable cravings for copious amount of caffeine the Monday after daylight savings, it’s best to fight the urge and stay away from stimulants like coffee and alcohol for an easier transition. Both substances keep the body from getting adequate sleep, which is essential for a smooth transition into longer days. 

Stick to your regular schedule

It’s amazing how much impact losing an hour makes on your day-to-day, but sticking to your regular schedule despite the change in your internal clock may help make for a smooth transition. Try your best to do your daily tasks at the same time you did before springing head, including waking up, eating meals, going to bed, and everything in between. 

Check your manual clocks

Adjust your manual clocks on Sunday to avoid panic and confusion on your way to work Monday. This includes your car, kitchen clocks, alarm clocks, and your wrist or pocket watch. Having trouble with your watch or looking to upgrade? Stop by our store to check out our large selection of new and preowned watches, or

Develop a relaxing bedtime routine 

Jumping ahead an hour may leave you feeling wide awake later at night, causing you to get less sleep and wake up feeling groggy and aggravated. Ensure a good night’s sleep and a rested week by practicing a relaxing bedtime routine to help you fall asleep at a decent time. This could include taking a warm bath before bed, drinking a warm cup of caffeine-free tea, taking a melatonin vitamin, or hopping in bed early with a good book. Try to avoid the use of electronics at least an hour before you’d like to fall asleep!